Beautiful day ❤️

Whats so good about today’s morning

I said the beautiful noise of the chirping birds

The beautiful feeling that i am as free as a bird as the wind hits my body

The beautiful sun that shines and spreads its light

The greenery and the colors in the garden

The love of nature

And to see the people you love are there with you

And the feeling of being fortunate enough to see and feel all these things as we are granted with one another day one another chance by the grace of god.

So friends we should always respect the life that we got. We are here with some reason. So lets celebrate this life , lets do something really good and lets just not waste any other second. Improving each day is moving one more step to success. So lets spread love lets be someone’s guiding light.



Happy new year

Happy new year to my wordpress family

Thank you for supporting and appreciating my work of writing

May each one of you be blessed with sheer happiness .

You all have motivated me to write something , you made me express my thoughts .

Can’t thank you people enough.

Have a beautiful life ahead 💕

Good bye 2017

New year comes with a good vibe

So lets give it a try

Lets make some good memories

Lets spend some good time

Its time to say goodbye to this year

As new year is now near

Lets take oath to spread love and laughter

Which will remain in the hearts after

Love is the key to strong relation

Build it up with devotion

New chapter of life will start

Fulfill all the wishes of your heart


Don’t stop her

She dances with her soul

She sings with her heart

She is an art

And She knows how to craft

Her love is enduring

And so she keeps on pouring

She knows how to live her life

She knows how to be a good wife

She is full of passion

She has her own ambition

Don’t stop her

Just protect her and be with her

Dats all she needs

Which requires her to succeed 😍💕


Be you

Always be who you are

Show world the real side of you

Because everyone else is busy portraying the image of what they are actually not

Be you enjoy being the real you

Because at the end when you will be taking your last breath , trust me you will miss those moments where you missed the chance of being you

The world seems to be alright 💕

When heart is connected to heart

And eyes are connected to eyes

The world seems to be alright❤️

When moon is connected to sky

And potatoes are fried

The world seems to be alright❤️

When floor is covered with tiles

And heart says lets give it a try

The world seems to be alright❤️

When tea has ginger

And your Ring is connected to my finger

The world seems to be alright❤️



I think of you

When feelings are uncontrollable

When things are untouched

When skies are blue

I think of you

I think of you

When nights are dark

And it feels like the beautiful strings of guitar

I think of you

I think of you

When words are unsaid

When feelings are unexpressed

When heart feels stuffed

I think of you

I think of you