Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

Review of the book MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU ❤️


By Priti Chaubey and Srishti Srivastava Singh

Published: apk Publishers. August 2018

87 pages

A passionately written story of a few friends, starting as freshers in college with three of them, girls, as roommates.

The authors have succeeded in keeping the value of friendship and love throughout the story.

There are enough of friends’ stories, petty rivalry and strong bonds among them throughout the college and through the work life. Friends stick together, quarrels and reunites.

Though friendship is powerfully narrated, the authors want the theme to be love. With not enough pairs, there’s bound to be some love triangles and consequent heartbreaks.

Love is very well handled, though one would suspect a lack of experience from the authors which gives platonic love a dominance over physical. Of course an intruder with the physical motive is providing that also.

The story is perhaps very contemporary as it depicts the modern…

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My Heart Belongs To You 💞

Our bond is special and so our friendship, this bond is the lone reason that together we wrote a story which is now turned into a book (novel) . Yes, we are besties with same interest. So friends, here it is, the cover of our first Book “My Heart Belongs To You”.

Friends please share it with more and more people 🙏🙏

Thought 😊

Her lips were folded with words

Like her eyes were shut with dreams

She chose to speak and be herself

When the society wanted her to kept quiet

She chose to unfold her words

And make her dream come true with eyes wide open



Tinke ka sahara lekar chal rhi thi main

Ki ek din kuch ujala sa kahin dikha mujhe

Maine kadam badhaye uss ujale ki taraf to kuch ehsaas sa hua mujhe

Uss ehsaas k sahare aj zindagi kat rhi hai meri

Wo ehsaas hi kaafi hai rooh ko jagane k liye


To the precious gem who is turned into a shining star ❤️

Seeing the stars i felt something in my heart

I wait for you every night

Just to see that you are fine

You shine so bright

I feel everything up there is right

A tear roll through my eyes

And stops at my lips

I swallow the pain

I know now everything is in vain

But i still wake up every night just to see you through these shining stars and beautiful sky

I miss being with you now

But i know you are in safe hands of god forever now

You were the precious gem who is turned into a shining star 💫⭐️